Filipino Photographers Capture Lasting Images at Canon Photomarathon Philippines 2018

Filipino Photographers Capture Lasting Images at Canon Photomarathon Philippines 2018

Photomarathon Champion Luke Singson (center) together with Canon’s brand ambassadors.

Hundreds of Filipino photographers spent the whole day capturing powerful and lasting images for Canon Photomarathon 2018. Following the themes “What Makes A Smile” and “The World In The Eyes Of The Next Generation”, participants roamed around Bonifacio High Street, looking for compelling subjects, scenes, and locations that paint a strong visual storytelling. Out of a thousand photos submitted, six photos were selected as the cream of the crop.

The winning photograph came from Luke Singson for the “The World in the Eyes of the Next Generation” Theme. His winning photograph played around with an in-store advertisement and people walking around Bonifacio High Street. Singson takes home an EOS R body and will represent the Philippines for the Photomarathon Grand Finals in Japan in 2019.

Singson’s winning photograph.

In between the day-long, on-the-spot photo competition, Canon’s brand ambassadors gave talks on specific genres of photography. The common theme between the four talks is the importance of honing one’s skill: that one should keep shooting regardless of how many mistakes they make along the way.

A portion of the registration fee of the Photomarathon 2018 participants and proceeds generated from Print of Smiles was dedicated to Operation Smile Philippines—a nonprofit medical service organization that provides free reconstructive facial surgery to indigent children and young adults born with cleft palate deformity.

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