Fallout Might Just Be The Best Video Game Adaptation So Far

Fallout Might Just Be The Best Video Game Adaptation So Far

We had a chance to catch the first two episodes of Amazon Prime Video’s Fallout series and as an elder millennial and someone who played the very first one back in 1997, I was extremely emotionally invested in how this series turned out. Video game adaptations have had a rough time as of late (The Last Of Us notwithstanding) and I wasn’t overly optimistic at what the end result would be for a property that I’ve been in love with since I was a teen.

I shouldn’t have worried.

I loved every minute of the two-episode session we had with members of the press yesterday, and while I still need to see the rest of the show to give my verdict, here are a few quick observations I’ve managed to gather after I stopped geeking out:

  • The series nails the overall tone of the show in both sets, costume design, and atmosphere. If only Halo took the same care and reverence over their source material as Fallout did for theirs, people would be watching that instead of constantly mocking it.
  • If it wasn’t obvious yet, this show is absolutely only for adults. If your kid is a Fallout fan, maybe wait a few years until you let them see it, or get ready for some awkward conversations.
  • The series’ humor is there and isn’t weirdly placed to break up set pieces or to add levity to otherwise heavy af scenes.
  • The Bloody Mess perk is turned on for the duration of the show. You’ve been warned.
  • I love that this is a separate story within the Fallout universe. While I’d love a faithful adaptation of Fallout: New Vegas (hello Mr. House), the story of Lucy and Vault 33 is an arc I’m hyped for.
  • The casting is perfect. Absolutely sublime, no notes.

Long and short of it as a long-time fan of the series, I couldn’t have asked for a better adaptation of one of the titles that defined gaming. I can’t wait to binge all the other episodes once they drop tomorrow.

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Fallout will be streaming tomorrow, 9 AM Philippine time via Amazon Prime Video.

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