Amazon Prime Video is Going to Annoy You Soon with Ads

Amazon Prime Video is Going to Annoy You Soon with Ads

Netflix, and Disney+ are not the only ones that will have an ad-supported tier: Amazon confirmed that they will be introducing “limited ads” to Prime Video movies and TV shows starting January 29. This ad-supported tier is expected to be available in several countries, and the only ones exempted are Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, the Mariana Islands, and American Samoa.

We checked the Philippines version of Prime Video, and there’s no advisory yet on the ad-free tier. The monthly subscription remains the same at the promo price of Php 149/month, and Amazon may revert it to the original Php 259/month soon. Note that this promo subscription price should have ended by 2022, so Amazon might finally impose the original Php 259/month subscription price this year.


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That being said, it’s not yet clear how ads will affect Prime Video subscribers in the Philippines. On their regional site, however, those interested in subscribing to Prime Video’s upcoming ad-free option will be paying an additional $2.99 a month or around Php 270. Adding that amount to the current subscription price of Prime Video in the Philippines, the ad-free version may be priced at around Php 450/month at the very least. 

For comparison, Netflix’s Standard plan in the Philippines costs Php 399/month, while their Premium plan costs Php 549/month. With those rates, Prime Video Philippines’ possible new plan price will be in the middle, and this will be a challenge for Amazon to compete in the country especially when it has a tough competition against both Netflix and Disney+.

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  • Jun , April 3, 2024

    How much is the subscriptions for amazon prime video? Mode of payment? Can i pay annually?

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