Flash Becomes an Independent Brand

Flash Becomes an Independent Brand


Priced at Php 6490 the Alcatel Flash Plus was one the best budget smartphones you could get mid-2015. Fast forward a year later and the game in that price point has definitely changed with brands now pushing the envelope of what they can give consumers in terms of specs and design.With all the praise they received last year, it was only natural that a new and improved version of last year’s darling, the Flash Plus 2, which was officially announced via livestream today with a bit of a plot twist.

Due to the success of the previous iteration of the Flash Plus, Flash will now be an independent brand. It will consist of the same operations team that will deliver quality products and better services to the, now, new Flash brand.

Stay tuned for more about the Flash brand and the new Flash Plus 2 as we’ll be posting more articles as the press conference unfolds.

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