GCash App Disappears From Play Store, Still Works In Philippines

GCash App Disappears From Play Store, Still Works In Philippines

Last night the GCash app suddenly disappeared from the Google Play Store. As of press time (2 AM) the app is nowhere to be found, which is unusual, but not unprecedented. Unfortunately, the GCash app disappearing from the Play Store has already generated a lot of fake news online, specifically some netizens claiming that GCash would completely disappear, along with the funds of users.

As for the claims of the app disappearing and customer funds with it, we wouldn’t worry. GCash is a popular app that enjoys a lot of support and use, and funds in the app wouldn’t just disappear without notice or explanation.

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Despite disappearing in Google’s store, the GCash app is still in the Apple App Store, so whatever news you hear about GCash from unverified news sources is false.

If you need to install GCash on an Android device, you can still get the app through other Android app stores like Huawei’s App Gallery, Xiaomi’s GetApps, vivo’s V-Appstore, and realme’s App Market. As of checking today (February 1) at 8:30 AM, only Samsung’s Galaxy Store does not have GCash in their list of apps.

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