GCash Send Money Protect will NOT Unsend Money

GCash Send Money Protect will NOT Unsend Money

Just a few days ago, GCash officially rolled out its Send Money Protect feature, where users pay an additional Php 30 to ensure that the money they sent will be insured in case of any fraudulent transactions. We were able to try out the feature several months ago during its soft launch, and it seems that some people don’t understand how GCash protect works.


How to Apply for GCash Send Money Protect

If you do a search on GCash Protect on Facebook, you’ll see a number of online merchants discouraging their customers to use send money protect because the feature allegedly allows full refunds within 30 days.

With the misinformation spreading like wildfire, we like to make this clear: GCash Send Money Protect will NOT Unsend Money within 30 days, contrary to all of those posts you see on social media.

The fine print should make it clear that GCash Send Money Protect IS an insurance policy.


This allegation against GCash Send Money Protect is a myth, and here’s why:

  1. Users need to spend Php 30 to protect the money they sent. If it’s not clear to everyone, GCash Send Money Protect is an insurance instrument that protects up to Php 15,000 in GCash transactions. It makes no sense why people will spend an additional Php 30 to mess around with merchants by suddenly unsending money within 30 days.
  2. Wrong transactions are NOT counted. GCash made it clear from the start that reporting transactions covered by Send Money Protect is only valid if you are a victim of (1) Social Engineering, (2) Account Takeover, or (3) Online Shopping Fraud. Even you paid extra to protect your transaction, that does not give you an excuse if you made a wrong transaction.
  3. Transaction reversals are also NOT counted. Again, you have to be extra careful in doing your transactions, because Send Money Protect will NOT cover any transaction mistakes.
  4. There’s a LONG process in filing a claim Even if Send Money Protect covers transactions within the 30 days, you are not guaranteed to get your money back. You’ll need to follow a process where you file a claim through Ginsure, and you’ll will need to submit several documents like a Police Report from the PNP Cybercrime Unit and documentary proof of the fraudulent transaction. Believe us: trying to get a police report takes effort, and you will need to file a blotter report within 72 hours to make your report valid. Upon submitting requirements, it will take anywhere between 5-7 days for the initial processing of your claim.
  5. It takes MONTHS before you actually get your money back. Even if you comply with all the needed documents, it will take a while for both GCash and Chubbs to investigate your claim before they will return your money. Even prior to launching the said insurance feature, one of our editors took around 4 months before GCash returned returned their money after being scammed. 


What To Do When You’ve Been Scammed Via GCash

We hope that our explanation regarding the viral GCash Send Money Protect clears up all the misinformation spreading around social media.


  • Gilbert , January 24, 2024

    Well placed advice to us GCash users. Thanks.

  • Glenn Almario Paras , January 25, 2024

    Hellow sa lahat

  • HiHI , February 6, 2024

    Can I enquire how it took 4 months before GCash returned returned your editor’s money after being scammed given that the product was only recently launched?

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