Globe Makes Unli 5G Accessible to All Subscribers

Globe Makes Unli 5G Accessible to All Subscribers

One of the major telecommunication providers in the Philippines just made 5G more accessible and affordable. Globe has launched Unli 5G promos across Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, Platinum, and TM. 

“We are ramping up our efforts to make Globe’s 5G technology more available and accessible to Filipinos, providing a better and seamless online experience. 5G’s unbeatable speeds and almost real-time latency opens a world of countless possibilities that Filipinos can look forward to as the country moves towards digitalization,” said Issa Guevarra-Cabreira, Globe Chief Commercial Officer.

The network company is pushing to make 5G more accessible and affordable with its latest promo offerings and expansive list of 5G devices and mobile handsets.

Globe Prepaid users may avail of the Unli 5G promo by subscribing to Go5G99 valid for 3 days, Go5G199 valid for 7 days, or Go5G299 valid for 15 days. These 5G offers are available as add-ons to Go+ or Go90 and up promos.

The UNLI 5G promo is also available for Globe Postpaid and Platinum plan subscribers as an add-on to their main plan allowance. They may avail of the Unli 5G 599 valid for 30 days.

For TM customers, the UNLI 5G offers can be availed once they are registered to EasySURF50 and up. They may avail of  TM5G99 valid for 3 days, TM5G199 valid for 7 days, and TM5G299 valid for 15 days.

Of course, the UNLI 5G promo will work only on 5G-enabled handsets and in 5G-powered areas. To check Globe’s 5G coverage, you may visit

Globe Postpaid subscribers may also choose to avail of the latest 5G-enabled devices from Globe. Devices such as Samsung Galaxy A22 5G, Redmi Note 10, and Realme 8 5G, are already available for device plans as low as GPlan 599. You may check this link for the complete list of 5G devices offered by Globe:

As mentioned, location plays a vital role in the availability of 5G technology. Luckily, Globe’s 5G outdoor coverage has hit 92% as of June 2021 in the National Capital Region. Moreover, the telecommunications company  has an existing 1,759 5G sites spread throughout the Philippines.

Globe Makes Unli 5G Accessible to All Subscribers 


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