Here’s How Grab is Addressing the Anticipated Holiday Demand

Here’s How Grab is Addressing the Anticipated Holiday Demand

With the holiday season being the busiest season for mobility services, Grab is confident that it will be able to meet the anticipated demand for its GrabCar services.

During the media roundtable at their warehouse in Marikina on December 1, Grab COO Ronald Roda explained that they expect to see GrabCar demand for the holiday season increase by at least 20%, with a spike of as much as 45% during the 2nd and 3rd week of December.

To address these concerns, Roda assured members of the media that they have been optimizing their platform to help maximize their current GrabCar fleet and accommodate as many commuters as possible. “The experience of our passengers, consumers, and partners on Grab is our utmost priority,” Roda adds.

One of the measures Grab has implemented to maximize its fleet is the relaunching of GrabShare in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. This time, Grab has a GrabShare Match Guarantee offer where unmatched passengers will be allocated a GrabCar but with a discounted fare.

Grab also launched a GrabAirport feature that features an exclusive fleet of drivers that will cater to passengers arriving at major airports. Grab said that OFWs will benefit the most from this mobility service, as the majority of them will be coming home to celebrate the holidays.

Grab is also introducing Multi-Taxi Type (MTT) booking, which can make the booking experience more reliable and efficient even with the holiday demand.

As for Grab’s growing fleet, it has been closely working with the LTFTB in adding new slots. For this year, Grab was able to grow its fleet by 40% and has activated 4,000 new driver-partners. “While we grow our driver pool to the pre-pandemic number, we are taking proactive steps to ensure a well-balanced platform that delivers on its promise of safety, reliability, and convenience even amid seasonal changes in the market landscape,” Roda adds.

This corroborates with their optimistic forecast last June, where Grab said that the booking experience will improve in the coming months.


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