HONOR Magic V2 To Launch In The Philippines On Feb 21

HONOR Magic V2 To Launch In The Philippines On Feb 21

It took them a while, but it’s finally coming – HONOR has officially announced that their skinny, powerful foldable, the Magic V2, will be sold in the Philippines starting Feb 21.

The HONOR Magic V2 first garnered attention during its June 2023 launch, when it took the crown of the world’s thinnest foldable from the Huawei Mate X3. The HONOR Magic V2 is insanely thin at just 9.9mm, which makes it such a damn joy to hold and use.

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The phone has a 6.43-inch outer cover that works extremely well as a primary display, so much so that we often forget that we were using a foldable when we were doing our review. It’s a solid device all around, and we’re happy that HONOR is finally releasing it locally so people will be able to see and feel what we were raving about during our full review.

As for price, we don’t know that yet, but European pricing puts it at £1,700 or around 120K. Before you react to the HONOR Magic V2’s price, remember that that pricing is for Europe and the UK, which typically have higher taxes on consumer goods. I expect this foldable to clock in under Php 100K, and honestly, HONOR should be able to get the Magic V2 under Php 90K in the Philippines if they really tried.

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