Just Like Twitter? Instagram Working on Repost Feature

Just Like Twitter? Instagram Working on Repost Feature

The more features Instagram adds to its platform, the more it steers away from its origins as an image sharing site. The latest feature Instagram is working on is repost, something that seems similar to Twitter’s retweet feature.

Repost, which Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch that it is in the process of testing, explores the ability to reshare posts in the platform’s Feed. Currently, the only way that users can share posts is via Stories, which expires after 24 hours.

With repost, users can repost things they find interesting over at Instagram to their feeds, and leave them there. One of the main goals of the upcoming feature is to “recommend a post your friends may enjoy by reposting it to a feed or story”.

In its current iteration, Repost will be in the share menu of a post or reel, and followers can respond to the reposted content with a message to the one who reposted the post. All reposts will be placed under a tab in the users profile for followers to see. Just like Twitter’s Retweet, Instagram’s repost will allow users to add their thoughts on it before posting.

Aside from making a big push for Reels and video content, Instagram is testing multiple features on the platform that include exclusive content for paid subscribers, payments via DMs, and new ways of verifying a user’s age.

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