You Can Now Trade Stocks Using Your Maya Account

You Can Now Trade Stocks Using Your Maya Account

Your Maya Account is more powerful than ever, as the Fintech platform announced that you can trade stocks with it.

The feature has gone live today (December 15) on the Maya App, and you can choose either Yapster E-Trade or Philstocks Financial for your stock trading options. Once you sign up with either platform, you can buy and sell stocks using your Maya account.

With the new Maya stock trading feature, Filipinos can choose to invest in over 280 publicly listed companies on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) through their phone and manage their shares directly within the Maya app. This also works together with Maya’s saving, borrowing, and spending features, making it a fintech platform where you can manage all of your finances through a single app.

“We’re pioneering a new era of access to investments – making it simpler, faster, and more seamless,” Maya Group President and Maya Bank co-founder Shailesh Baidwan said. “With Maya Stocks, we are transforming the Philippine investment landscape with instant transactions and an all-in-one digital banking experience, accelerating the nation’s journey towards broader investment ownership.”

Aside from stock trading, Maya also allows you to buy and sell crypto through the app, along with making your money earn interest through Maya Bank.

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