MMDA Lists Roads Where E-Trikes, E-Bikes are Banned

MMDA Lists Roads Where E-Trikes, E-Bikes are Banned

E-Bikes and E-Trikes will be regulated starting April 2024, as the MMDA has passed Regulation No. 24-022, which prohibits E-Bikes, E-Trikes, Tricycles, Pedicabs, Pushcarts, and Kuligligs from traversing national roads. MMDA listed 19 major roads in Metro Manila where e-bikes and e-trikes are banned.

“Due to the proliferation of e-vehicles, the MMC deemed it imperative to regulate and penalize those who will traverse the national roads using such means of transportation,” MMDA Acting Chairman Don Artes said in a press conference.

Under the said regulation, those caught traversing these national roads will face fines of up to Php 2,500. Aside from the fines, the MMDA will be imposing the LTO’s much-awaited proposal, where anyone driving “electric-powered motor vehicles and tricycles” are required to have a driver’s license or risk their vehicles being impounded. On top of MMDA regulations, all LGUs under Metro Manila can issue their own set of ordinances for secondary and inner roads that cover their area.


MMDA’s new set of regulations for e-bikes and e-trikes supports LTO’s administrative order that required certain electric vehicles to be registered.

Here’s the list of major roads where e-bikes and e-trikes are banned from traversing:

  1. C1: Recto Avenue
  2. C2: Pres. Quirino Avenue
  3. C3: Araneta Avenue
  4. C4: EDSA
  5. C5: Katipunan/CP Garcia
  6. C6: Southeast Metro Manila Expressway
  7. R1: Roxas Boulevard
  8. R2: Taft Avenue
  9. R3: Osmeña Highway
  10. R4: Shaw Boulevard
  11. R5: Ortigas Avenue
  12. R6: Magsaysay Blvd./Aurora Blvd.
  13. R7: Quezon Ave./Commonwealth Ave.
  14. R8: A. Bonifacio Ave.
  15. R9: Rizal Ave.
  16. R10: Del Pan/Marcos Highway/McArthur Highway
  17. Elliptical Road
  18. Mindanao Avenue
  19. Marcos Highway

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  • jundanganan , February 29, 2024

    Bkit po di pwde ang ebike sa edsa pero ang ordinary bike pwde?

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