More Countries Covered by Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown

More Countries Covered by Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown

UPDATE: The Philippines is included in the password sharing crackdown of Netflix. You can read more details about it here. Extra members are charged Php 149/month.


(Original story) Despite making the Basic and Standard plans more affordable in the Philippines, Netflix continues to expand its crackdown on password sharing to more than 100 countries that include the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, and Brazil.

Countries that are covered by the password sharing crackdown will receive an email informing them that a Netflix account should only be used in one household.

“This account sharing initiative helps us have a larger base of potential paying members and grow Netflix long term,” Netflix Co-Chief Executive Ted Sarandos said in an earnings call.

In its statement, Netflix said that more than 100 million households had supplied their log-in credentials to friends and family outside their homes, and this is something that they want to address to stop the bleeding from their subscriber base. As of March 2023, Netflix has 232.5 million subscribers globally.

To recall, Netflix plans to end password sharing by disconnecting your device if it has not been connected to your primary location in the last 31 days. Those using Netflix on a hotel TV or company laptop can request a temporary code to allow them to access their accounts for 7 days.

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