You Can Use Mastercard for MRT-3 Rides Soon

You Can Use Mastercard for MRT-3 Rides Soon

MRT-3 riders will be delighted to know that there will be more payment options soon thanks to a partnership between Mastercard and AF Payments–the company that handles the Beep card system. The partnership entails commuters using their Mastercard prepaid, debit, or credit cards as a mode of payment for their MRT-3 rides.

“This is expected to benefit millions of Filipino commuters in Metro Manila, enhancing smart mobility through initiatives that bring our transit systems in line with global transport standards,” Beep President and CEO JJ Moreno said in a statement.

The initiative is supported by the Bangko Sentral, as having more contactless payment options aligns with its Digital Payments Transformation Road Map, where the government encourages cashless transactions.

The program will roll out soon in stages, with the first stage covering the MRT-3 and select buses plying EDSA and Bonifacio Global City routes. Beep adds that they want to allow the use of Mastercard nationwide and with other modes of transportation.

Before this initiative, Maya allows you to buy LRT-1 tickets through their app so that commuters could simply scan the QR code on their phone as their official ticket.


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