Netflix is Now More Expensive with Select Payment Methods

Netflix is Now More Expensive with Select Payment Methods

If you are a BPI user, make sure to double check your transactions, particularly foreign ones, as the bank updated on which foreign transactions are covered by the additional 1% assessment fee. In the advisory issued on February 1, BPI states that its 1% assessment fee also covers online subscription services like Netflix, Google, Apple, Spotify and more.

While we think that the additional fee for online services like Netflix is part of the government’s recent mandate to tax online services, it seems that BPI is one of the few banks that is imposing the additional 1% charge. Local BDO cards and Security Bank are also imposing the additional 1% charge as well.

According to some posts we spotted on Twitter/X, other banks like Unionbank/Citi don’t have the additional 1% charge as long as it is under Php 1000We can vouch for this, as our Citibank card did not charge us any additional fees for our Netflix and Apple Music subscription.

 Others go around the additional 1% charge by changing their payment method to GCash.


It remains to be seen if these loopholes on avoiding the additional 1% fee will stay throughout the year, so expect to pay more for any of your online subscription services eventually.

To recall, then-DoF Secretary Benjamin Diokno justified adding taxes to digital transactions, citing that it is just fair to tax them just like when you buy products from regular stores. 

“Dapat magkaroon ng tax, especially medyo — if you really think about it ‘yung mga nakakaangat ang siyang nakakakuha ng mga ganyan, digital payment. So on the basis of fairness, I think they should be taxed,” Diokno said.


  • Aljoriz Maravilla Dublin , February 13, 2024

    indi naman Netflix nag charge ng increase yung BPI naman. Ang click bait ng title.

  • Red Emano , February 14, 2024

    What is unfair is we do not feel so much improvement in the social services and benefits sought after for mid class workers like us paying so much for unproductive squammy squatters and other na naghahanap ng ayuda

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