Smart and Globe Announce New All Data Promos

Smart and Globe Announce New All Data Promos

As a response to GOMO and DITO‘s compelling unlimited data promos for Visayas and Mindanao residents, both Smart and Globe announced their new All Data plans for all of their prepaid subscribers nationwide.

For Smart, their offering includes All Data 50, All Data 99, and All Data 299. Those data plans offer 2GB, 6GB, and 24GB of shareable data across all sites. All Data 50 covers 3 days, while All Data 99 and All Data 299 covers 7 days and 30 days respectively.

Unlike with their Giga promos, you don’t get free data allocation for certain apps depending on the promo you are sucscribed to. Instead, All Data is targeted to users who simply needs large amounts of open data (aka no restrictions like with Giga) to cater to all of their daily internet needs.

As for Globe, their new All Data offerings include Go250 and Go400. While both cover 15 days, Go250 comes with 15GB of data allocation, while Go400 has 25GB instead. Just like Smart’s All Data, these new GO promos only cover data and do not come with unlimited texts.

Smart Vs Globe All Data: Which one offers a better deal?

On the get go, Smart’s All Data 299 is better than both of Globe’s GO250 and Go400 plans since you get a longer validity at 30 days. All Data 299 is better than GO250 since you also get more data for your money with the Php 49 difference.

While Smart’s All Data offerings offer better value for money than Globe’s new GO offerings, Globe prepaid subscribers can instead opt for their older Go90 promo, which offers better value than Smart’s All Data 99–which also has a 7-day validity period. Aside from having more data allocation at 8GB, GO90 comes with unlimited texts to all networks.

Overall, Smart offers better value for money if you only need data, while Globe’s older GO offerings are better on paper compared to the new GO250 and GO400.

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