PLDT Introduces Lionsgate Play Streaming Service To The Philippines

PLDT Introduces Lionsgate Play Streaming Service To The Philippines

PLDT has officially introduced Lionsgate Play, a streaming service from the major film studio, to our local shores. The film company is the one behind blockbusters like the Hunger Games, John Wick, and other iconic pop culture legends.

The service’s overall interface is very similar to what we’ve seen before on other popular competitors. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Items are intelligently organized in different categories and buckets, from media genres to user-dependent metrics such as trending content and the like.

Lionsgate Play and PLDT took the time to use their most popular shows as the themes of the event. Participants were told to dress as if they were a character on the TV Show POWER, a crime thriller with the main character crawling his way into society’s elite through shrewd business practices.

There was also repeated mention of hit TV Series Mad Men, a story that revolves around 60’s ad giant Donald Draper. This is another title that could bring more audiences to give the Lionsgate Play service a try, care of PLDT.

PLDT Home also expounded on the fact that they’re looking to further improve connection quality in the Philippines. This is to remain competitive with other major telcos that currently conduct services within the country, along with the impending arrival of StarLink.

We’ll have to see how both PLDT and Lionsgate Play fare in the future when it comes to success in the Philippines. Nonetheless, we are wishing both of them the very best.


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