PriceLOCQ Lets You Buy Gas In Advance In The Philippines

PriceLOCQ Lets You Buy Gas In Advance In The Philippines

For those of us who drive or use any form of motorized vehicle on a daily basis, the recent gargantuan hikes in fuel prices have been nothing short of painful. The average person will be sure to feel the brunt as well through the price increase of almost all goods and services in the market, especially those that require logistics. All appears to be hopeless: but there is a light at the end of the tunnel to help you get through these times. You can save on gas costs in the Philippines by downloading the PriceLOCQ app today.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “prepaid” might be the load for your mobile services. The main idea behind why PriceLOCQ is such a genius move for any consumer is that it allows you to buy fuel for the future, at today’s prices. We’ve heard stories of an influx of users maxing out their capacity on the application the night before the massive price hike this week.

Yes, there is a capacity that serves as a “virtual fuel tank” for users. This is set at 600 liters, which is a hefty amount equal to approximately 14.3 full tanks of gas for a Toyota Vios. The partner gasoline station is SEAOIL Philippines, an established company here in the country. As expected, PriceLOCQ is the brainchild of Mark L. Yu, the current Chief Finance Officer of SEAOIL.

Using the PriceLOCQ app in the Philippines is easy. Just sign up and register with a secure PIN in order to keep your account secure. You can then cash in via numerous options such as a direct bank transfer from your card, e-wallets such as GCash, or Over-The-Counter options in 7-Eleven and other outlets.

You can then purchase liters of fuel in advance at the current rates from the menus.

A unique QR code will be generated for scanning at PriceLOCQ-accredited stations to produce a hassle-free payment transaction.

Other menus are available within the app as well such as detailed savings charts to show you how much you’ve saved on fuel during a specific timeframe, a tab to redeem special vouchers, and a loans feature created in partnership with Global Dominion Financing Inc (GDFI).

SEAOIL has always pioneered interesting promos to grab some attention away from the biggest players, such as the Lifetime Free Gasoline prizes. Here are the specific stations accepting PriceLOCQ deals. Some are accepting the application just for personal use, while others accept Business clients as well.

The main difference between personal and commercial membership is the digitalized management of numerous vehicles and drivers across the board. This helps SMEs and other entrepreneurs save on fuel costs and keep their fleet running effectively and efficiently. This is probably the safest way, at least relative to storing fuel physically near your residence.

PriceLOCQ is projected to achieve success in these trying times where every centavo matters. We hope that consumers in the Philippines find the PriceLOCQ application to be beneficial to their everyday lives and that it continues to be an effective revenue-generating tool for the SEAOIL team so that they can continue its operations.

We’ve gotten through hard times as a people, and we intend to fight tooth and nail to survive this time once again. Here are some additional rules and terms if you’re interested in how it works.

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