Samsung S-series May Finally Get Its Own S-Pen

Samsung S-series May Finally Get Its Own S-Pen

Samsung Newsroom just released a writeup earlier today that can give us a glimpse of what to expect at Unpacked 2022.

According to Dr. TM Roh who is the President of mobile phones at Samsung, they’ve taken pride in not being a follower but an industry trendsetter. He claims that technology should be created one step ahead in order to innovate, not centered around adapting to human life as it is but helping form a future lifestyle that is better and more convenient.

10 Generations of Galaxy Note, from Samsung Newsroom

Samsung’s past mobile achievements prove this statement. The first Samsung Galaxy Note was considered a behemoth at the time but normalized the gradual increase in smartphone screen size. It even came with a functional stylus. When most consumers were poking fun at the S series’ plastic construction, HTC released the One series with a beautiful aluminum build that further highlighted the Samsung flagship’s shortcomings. The South Korean company responded with the elegant Galaxy S6, which has its fair share of weaknesses but revolutionized phone design and mainstream use of glass backs.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3

The firm also played around with form factors – firstly with the one-sided Note Edge that paved the way for curved edges, then the more recent Z Fold and Flip series. They’re even pushing the envelope on the discussion that foldables, despite their novelty, can’t get away with mediocre internals.

Mr. Roh then states that he and the team heard the voice of the people when they said they missed the Note line, especially the S Pen and its advanced functionality over years of development. He then goes on to describe the next S device as the most “noteworthy” they’ve ever created. The article is concluded with a simple line: “Get ready for the ultimate Ultra experience.”

From this statement, it can be inferred that the S Pen is making a comeback, most likely in the S22 Ultra. This is supported by the description of the new device as the “greatest experiences of Samsung Galaxy into one device.” Other notable statements include “owning the night, taking the brightest photos” so a hugely-improved night camera system is also bound to come with the next-generation device.

For more information on the Samsung Unpacked 2022 event, you can watch this quick teaser or visit this site.



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