Sky: Children of the Light is Now on Steam

Sky: Children of the Light is Now on Steam

Social adventure game Sky: Children of the Light will be made available to PC users for free via Steam starting today. The game is a critically acclaimed coop MMO by thatgamecompany, which is also known for other titles like Journey, Flower, and Flow.

Watch the official Steam launch trailer:

The game’s expansion to Steam allows for more cross-play and cross-progression for players who play Sky with various platforms, The porting to PC also gives 4K resolution visuals and more control options to the game as well.

In time for its official availability via Steam, Sky will be holding its “Season of Nesting” event until June 30, where players can design their own home space. These include various furniture, props, and decor that you can purchase through the Furniture Shop in Aviary Village. The space will have privacy settings where they can allow their friends to visit and do things like to hang out, host a house party, and build their gym.

Here’s a preview of the upcoming season:

Fans of Journey can also join the Early Access festivities, where themed cosmetics that were originally exclusive to the PlayStation version of the game will be made available to all platforms. In addition, Journey will be 85% off on Steam during the first week of Sky’s Early Access launch until April 17.

Sky is also available on mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 4/5.

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