Smart & Globe Remove Unlimited Data, Shifts to Volume Based Plans

Smart & Globe Remove Unlimited Data, Shifts to Volume Based Plans

Goodbye Unli-Data!

In yesterday’s Senate hearing on the slow Internet speeds of the country, both Smart and Globe stated that they’ve already shifted to volume-based data plans for their mobile offerings. Instead of having unlimited data with some sort of fair use policy that will cripple speed after a certain amount of usage, users will just have to pay for data buckets (X amount of pesos for X amount of data per month). In essence, heavy users will pay more while light users will pay less. You can learn more about this in the embedded video above (ABS-CBN News Report).

As we shift to volume based data, we suggest that you guys be conscious of the amount you’re using. You can easily track this on your smartphone. If you’re on Android just go to settings -> data and you should be able to see how much you’ve used for the month. You can even set alerts at certain thresholds so that you don’t go beyond your monthly allocation.

Speaking of unused monthly data, here’s one suggestion that we’d like to make to both Smart and Globe.

We Paid for Our Data, Can We Keep it Please?

Moving forward though we’d like to recommend to both telcos to consider something that a carrier called T-Mobile did in the US. The premise is simple — customers get to keep the unused data by rolling it over to the following month. T-Mobile calls this Data Stash.

Data Stash

For example, you buy 3GB of data for August. However by the end of the month you’ve only used 2GB. Come September other telcos will just ignore the fact you have 1GB left and just refresh that to 3GB again which is your monthly data allocation. T-Mobile will actually give you 4GB of data for September. They will rollover the 1GB unused from August to the following month. Awesomeness.

Hoping that either one of them does something like this. 🙂

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