Sony PS5 Gets A Sudden Price Increase, Now More Expensive In The PH

Sony PS5 Gets A Sudden Price Increase, Now More Expensive In The PH

This may or may not be big news to you, but the Sony PS5 is receiving a price increase over its original SRP in certain areas. Here’s the scoop.

Sony Interactive President & CEO Jim Ryan has made an announcement regarding the price of the Sony PS5 in selected regions around the globe. He attributes high global inflation rates and adverse currency trends, which we can correlate to a tense global geopolitical climate. Another possible reason could be chip shortages and shipment issues caused by aftereffects of the pandemic, but that doesn’t seem to be affecting other industries as much in terms of supply.

The retail price of the Sony PS5 will see incremental jumps in select markets across Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific (APAC), Latin America (LATAM), as well as Canada. The United States is surprisingly spared from this change.

For those who are curious, the updated price of the PS5 with the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive is PHP 30,790. That’s a PHP 2,800 leap from its original retail price of PHP 27,990. The reason why we began this article with a disclaimer is because securing a Sony PlayStation 5 unit at retail prices is like winning the lottery. It includes competing with hundreds of other people, including scalpers who want to make easy money by preying on consumers who have no choice but to make the purchase at exorbitant reseller markups. Most people within our circles have shelled out an eyewatering amount of cash for their consoles – much more than this new SRP. However, we can expect the reseller market to adapt to this market adjustment as well.

The Sony PS5 remains to be a lucrative console at any price, with it still getting new features such as Variable Refresh Rate over software updates. Customization options and peripherals also continue to be released for the unit, indicating that support will continue for many years to follow.

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