Sun Cellular Gearing Up for a Relaunch?

Sun Cellular Gearing Up for a Relaunch?

Ano meron?

After being under the radar for a while, Sun Cellular has been ramping up their campaigns and product launches for the last few months. Their last major campaign was the “Unli-Wais” effort which you can check out below.

Last night they posted a teaser for what could be another major effort for this year. In the post they just said “Gaganda ang araw mo” while the line in the image itself simply says “Parating na ang bagong Sun”. We don’t have any details or news yet of what this is all about. It might be a new range of handset offers or maybe even network news. As soon as we spot anything we’ll report back here so make sure you’re glued to this space, especially if you’re a Sun Cellular subscriber.

In addition to the teaser poster, Sun also released another teaser, hinting at three endorsers.

Based on what we know, two of the three endorsers are Matteo Guidicelli and Maja Salvador, as they revealed in their respective social media accounts. What do you think of Sun Cellular’s possible relaunch? Comment down below!

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