Sun Goes After Globe with New Value Prepaid and Postpaid Offers

Sun Goes After Globe with New Value Prepaid and Postpaid Offers

What can be more "wonderful" indeed? Hehe. Saw what you did there Sun.
What can be more “wonderful” indeed? Hehe. Saw what you did there Sun.

Shots fired!

It looks like the telco network wars are about to pick up again! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the copy in the ad above is meant for Globe (since they use “wonderful” a lot). Armed with value-driven postpaid and prepaid offers, Sun is making a play to grab market share from their BGC-based competitor.

We scoured their website to see which offers have the banner above. There are a lot but the two most compelling offers are listed below.

Prepaid Offering: CTU100

For prepaid they have a pretty compelling package for just Php100. You get UNLIMITED TEXTS to ALL NETWORKS, Unlimited calls to Sun, Smart, and Talk’N Text, and 100MB of data. This is valid for a whopping 7 days. That’s a pretty sweet deal. If you use it consistently for a month you’ll just have to fork out Php400 for unlimited texts to all networks all month long, unlimited calls to the mentioned networks, and 400MB of data.

Sun Plan 450 Undercuts Globe’s Postpaid Plan 499

On the postpaid front Sun is positioning their Sun Plan 450 against Globe’s 499 MyLifestyle Plan. The chart below, which we found on their website, doesn’t clearly spell this out but the blue color and the inclusions in the 499 package are giveaways.

sun cellular offer

If you’re wondering what the “FREE ANDROID SMARTPHONE” is, you get a choice between the Huawei Y600 or the O+ 360 Alpha. Getting the smartphone though will lock you in for 24 months. If you’re thinking of getting this plan it might be a better idea to get the O+ 360 Alpha, sell it, add some cash so you can get one of the kick ass phones that we listed under Php9,999.

Now that you think about it, the SRP of the O+ 360 Alpha is Php4,999. Sun would have made this a ridiculously sick and killer deal if they bundled the Alcatel Flash Plus instead (SRP Php6,490). A bit pricier but they could have easily offset that by having a longer lock-in period, hehe. 😛

Sun vs Globe, Round 1… FIGHT!

Gotta love competition. Makes everyone bring down their prices and rates, hehe. It will be interesting to see if Globe will respond with a better offer in the coming days ahead.

Anyway, what do you guys think of these offerings? Let us know in the comments below.

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