The Razer Leviathan V2 X Is A Compact, USB-Powered Soundbar

The Razer Leviathan V2 X Is A Compact, USB-Powered Soundbar

The latest addition to the esteemed gaming brand’s audio lineup is here: say hello to the Razer Leviathan V2 X. Not to be mistaken for the V2 we reviewed fairly recently, this is a more compact solution for quality sound in a tighter space. Here’s what the newcomer has to offer.

On the outside, the Razer Leviathan V2 X resembles other soundbars the company has released before. Present is the signature Razer logo, proudly at the center of the mesh grille. The top of the speaker shelters all the important buttons such as the power toggle, source selector, and volume controls.

Underneath, meanwhile, is a neat but expected party trick: Chroma RGB. This lends the soundbar its iconic look that truly gives it the identity of a Razer product. The Razer Leviathan V2 X boasts 14 lighting zones, countless patterns, and other dynamic effects that users can activate depending on their preference. This small but purposeful touch adds immersion to any experience, whether gaming or cinematic in nature.

The soundbar isn’t just all looks though. Underneath the grille, you’ll find two full-range drivers and two passive radiators. Razer claims this brings “bold clarity and resonating depth” for an audio adventure like no other. At full power, the company further states a capability to produce 90 decibels of volume. We’ll have to listen for ourselves to find out whether these statements hold up, even without a dedicated subwoofer.

Despite its specifications, the Razer Leviathan V2 X fits snugly into any setup due to its respectable 400mm in length. Wires also won’t be an issue since the power is drawn from a single USB Type C cable, eliminating the need for a separate wall plug. Wireless connectivity to the speaker can be performed via Bluetooth 5.0. Compatibility with the Razer Audio app has also been designed to be seamless and hassle-free.

Whatever your purpose is, the Razer Leviathan V2 X aspires to be the top-of-mind choice when it comes to compact speakers with unparalleled sound, at least for its form factor. We’ll definitely let you all know if we manage to get our hands on a unit for testing.

Check out the official Shopee and Lazada storefronts for Razer, as well as their official site.



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