There Are Stores That Accept SLP Payments in the Philippines

There’s no question that Axie Infinity is gaining a lot of popularity in the Philippines for its play-to-earn model. Players can potentially earn a lot of cash in Axie Infinity via SLP or AXS, that the BSP and DoF are looking into regulating SLP and AXS currencies and imposing taxes on earnings made through the game. Axie Infinity is proving to be so popular in fact, that there are now a number of establishments in the Philippines that accept payments via SLP.

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Crypto-focused sites like Coindesk have enumerated the growing number of merchants in the Philippines that accept SLP for payments, and here’s a partial list of interesting ones:

Stores that accept SLP Payments In The Philippines

There is a growing number of merchants that are accepting SLP as a form of payment, and you’re probably wondering: why accept SLP as a form of payment? Aside from SLP being classified as a cryptocurrency, it is no secret that converting SLP to a tangible currency is a complex process and that not all Filipinos are not knowledgeable enough in converting their hard-earned SLPs to Peso.

“We have seen in many Axie Infinity groups that some scholars have no experience with trading and cryptocurrency and are finding it difficult to cash out their SLP,” Nikko Alfonso, a chat representative of Smile Craft Dental Centre said. “We are giving them another way to exchange those SLP, while at the same time, keeping their teeth healthy.” Smile Craft Dental Centre is also one of the few places that do accept SLPs as a form of payment.

Because of how SLP is viewed as a viable currency, it does not come as a surprise that government agencies like BIR, DoF, and BSP are running after Axie Infinity. While developer Sky Mavis is not registered with the SEC, they said that they are open to working with the government in properly implementing laws on play-to-earn games.


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