Un-bagged: Hans Roxas-Chua

Un-bagged: Hans Roxas-Chua

“Un-bagged” is a regular section here on Unbox where we feature the stuff inside the bags of Filipino celebrities, professionals, and executives.

Hans Roxas-Chua is currently the President of Blue Blade Technologies, a company focused on mobile applications and digital marketing. He’s also the President of E-Learning Edge, the company that runs the Certified Digital Marketing Program together with Ateneo. We were with Hans for coffee earlier today and we decided to “Unbag” him since he’s quite famous in the digital marketing circuit and he’s also a well known gadgeteer.

Hans Roxas-Chua, IMMAP Ex-Officio and President of Blue Blade Technologies

The Bag

Tumi T-tech Civilian Laptop Bag

For the bag we have the Tumi T-Tech Civilian Laptop Bag. This is actually the bigger brother of the Tumi T-Tech Civilian Ryans Slim bag we featured a few months back. It has several storage zones with the main compartment capable of fitting up to a 15-inch laptop. Definitely a stylish everyday work companion!

The Gear

The Gear

Hans literally has a mobile office inside his bag. He even has a projector in it… well a small one, hehe. Here’s a quick rundown of what we found inside:

  1. iPad 2 in a Portenzo Notebook Style Case
  2. White iPhone 4S in an Elements Vapor Case
  3. Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a metal black back plate and carbon sticker
  4. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse
  5. Wi-Tribe Mobile WiFi
  6. LiveScribe Pen and Notebook
  7. Pico Mobile Projector
  8. USB Drive
  9. Toshiba Protege Laptop
  10. MiLi Power Crystal

*By the way the black organizer which holds some of his gadgets is from Cocoon. You can buy it from iGig in Promenade, Greenhills (2nd Floor).

Hans pretty much has everything he needs in there. The only thing missing really is a portable printer but I haven’t seen anything like that commercially available yet locally, haha! You can be sure though that he’ll get one as soon as it does. 😛

(Note from EIC: Un-bagged is inspired by The Verge’s “What’s in your Bag?”)

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