Unbox PH Recap: Smartphone Reviews for April 2017

Unbox PH Recap: Smartphone Reviews for April 2017

A Look Back at our Smartphone Reviews for April

It’s the beginning of the new month and if you’re the type who wants to take a look back at the gadgets released from the months prior, we’re here to give you a recap for all of our smartphone reviews from the month of April. Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

Huawei P10 Review: Iterative Evolution

Undoubtedly, Huawei struck gold with the release of the P9 last year and we’re fairly certain that having Leica in its corner had a lot do with it. We first caught a glimpse for the Huawei P10 way back in February, when we covered Mobile World Congress. While its design hasn’t changed much from last year’s iteration, the P10 certainly was more refined and merits consideration.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Comeback Kid

After the fiasco with the Note 7, Samsung promised to deliver new gadgets on the bleeding edge of technology to make up for their flagship phablet’s demise. They started strong with the release of the new A series phones, but it was their flagship devices we were looking forward to. When Sammy finally unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, we think its safe to say that the world was wowed. Did Samsung make good on their promise? We definitely think so.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Review: Sayonara, A9 Pro?

Previously an exclusive to the Chinese market, Samsung decided to bring their 6-inch phablet — the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro — to the Philippines. While its spec sheet may be similar to an offering by another Chinese brand, Sammy went big on RAM with C9 Pro, which comes with an ample 6GB; a first for the Korean company.

OnePlus 3T Review: Still a Flagship Killer in 2017?

We began the month with the review of the OnePlus 3T that had just been launched at official capacity via their local distributor, Digital Walker. The Chinese company always had a knack for releasing smartphones with flagship level processing packages and the OnePlus 3T certainly fit the bill when it was unveiled globally late last year. Is it still worth buying with all the Snapdragon 835 equipped flagships running about and now that rumors for the OnePlus 5 have slowly been ramping up?

 Huawei GR3 (2017) Quick Review: Awesome Value for Money

While we were enjoying news of flagship level devices being unveiled, it would have been easy to dismiss mid-ranged devices. Huawei’s GR3 (2017), however, was pretty hard to miss and has quickly become one of the top contenders in the sub-10k price range. While we are featuring the phones quick review in this article, we do have its full review that came out just yesterday (May 1). What’s the verdict? WE;;, you’re going to have to find out for yourselves.

Vivo Y53 Review: Well-Balanced Budget Basics

Like we said earlier, it would have been pretty easy to ignore budget smartphones given the slew of flagship releases. This budget device from Vivo for instance may not wow anyone with its spec sheet, but the Chinese company has been able to find a good balance to make a decent smartphone for those who are little tight on the budget.

Cherry Mobile Flare P1 Quick Review: Most Affordable Dual Camera Phone Ever?

Local brand Cherry Mobile is no stranger to releasing smartphones for those who don’t have much room in their budget for a new device. Last April, Cherry released the cheapest dual camera equipped smartphone in the market, the Cherry Mobile P1. We’re still waiting on a review to see if the P1 is worth its Php 3,999 asking price, so stay tuned.

Cherry Mobile Flare P1 Plus Quick Review: Affordable Dual Camera

Along side the Cherry Mobile P1, Cherry Mobile released its bigger brother the P1 Plus. Like the P1, the P1 Plus is equipped with dual rear cameras, but has a bigger 5.5-inch screen that has also been bumped up to Full HD resolution. The price for the upsize? Php 5,999; which still isn’t bad. We’ll have the review up as soon as Cherry Mobile sends us a review unit to take out for a spin.

ASUS Zenfone Live Quick Review: Phone for the Livestream Generation

Another smartphone that was released this month was the ASUS Zenfone Live, a budget device from the Taiwanese company built for livestreaming. If you do like broadcasting to your friends over Facebook, Instagram, or  YouTube, you can use the BeautyLive feature to smoothen out your skin if you don’t happen to be dolled up.

Sony Xperia XZs Quick Review: Bump Up and Slow It Down

The Xperia XZs was first unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2017 and it’s exactly what the XZ, a phone that was released last year, wished it was. The XZs still has a Snapdragon 820 processor on board, but has a slight bump up in RAM at 4GB. One of the main features of the XZs has is its capability to capture videos in super slow motion; we’re talking 960fps here.

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