Unbox Top 5: iflix Picks for Halloween

Unbox Top 5: iflix Picks for Halloween

Close the lights and let the gentle glare of your screen keep you company as things go bump in the night. While half of you are going to get your costume on and head to a party, we’re pretty sure the other half just wants to enjoy a quiet night at home with a group of friends or someone special. Here are a few recommendations from us on what shows to catch to set the mood this Hollow’s Eve.

Child’s Play


Before a doll named Annabelle started scaring the collective pants out of all of us, there was Chucky. As far as demon possessed dolls were concerned, this knife wielding, red headed, little rascal had us on the edge of our seats and ready to bolt at a moment’s notice. Child’s Play is definitely a classic worth revisiting this Halloween. It has spawned a couple of sequels that you we wish didn’t exist but you should definitely catch the original.

28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later


Who doesn’t love a good zombie movie? Considering that it only had a £5 Million budget, 28 Days Later was a highly successful film; winning several awards, such as: Best Horror Film (US Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films), Best British Film (Empire Award), and Best International Film (Narcisse Award). It success spawning a sequel to 28 Weeks Later. A refreshing take on the zombie apocalypse, once dominated by George A. Romero films, we highly recommend turning off the lights and let the rage zombies keep you company this Halloween.

Friday the 13th


If you don’t know who Jason Voorhees is, you should definitely watch Friday the 13th. This film was released in the 80’s and while most millennials remember will remember Crystal Lake and its machete carrying, hockey-masked resident killing machine, they forget the events of the first film. This slasher film birthed a franchise that almost rivals our very own Shake, Rattle, and Roll with a total of 12 movies in total.

Penny Dreadful


We’ve sung praises for the brilliance of this show and if you haven’t yet seen it, Halloween weekend is the perfect time to binge watch the entirety of its first season. Penny Dreadful is a collection of all the terrifying creatures from literature all rolled into one TV Show. Eva Green gives an excellent, yet extremely creepy performance as Vanessa Ives. There’s so much to say about this show, but rather than talk about it and possible spoil it for you guys – Just watch it.

Sleepy Hollow


We all know the story of the Headless Horseman, Ichabod Crane, and the little town called Sleepy Hollow – We’re sure you’ve seen the movie starring Johnny Depp. In the TV series that debuted in 2013 however, Ichabod Crane awakens from death and finds himself in the present with a familiar rider up to no good. Sleepy Hollow takes a familiar story and puts an even darker twist on it.

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