Upcoming Xiaomi EV Sports Car Announced: Goodbye, Tesla

Upcoming Xiaomi EV Sports Car Announced: Goodbye, Tesla

An interesting upcoming EV sports car has just announced, and it has the backing of Xiaomi. This is the first car project spearheaded by China Car Custom (CCC) from scratch, and aims to be a passionate roadster that can compete on the world stage. Welcome the SC01.

Lancia Stratos 2010 Concept Photo c/o NetCarShow

The car itself is a beauty in our eyes, but the design inspiration can’t be denied. The resemblance to the 2010 Lancia Stratos concept car is uncanny, but that car never went into production anyways. As such, the SC01’s body lines and cues give off a neo-retro vibe, especially because the aforemention concept car is based on the iconic original model launched in the 1970s.

Of course, no copy pasting was done here. The EV two-seater coming from China has more aggressive headlights and angular body lines. This electric sports car supposedly is powered by two electric motors sheltered in the mid-rear section, with a combined output of around 429 hp. This Tweet rates the 0-60 time of the SC01 at around 3.9 seconds, which is blisteringly quick. This is thanks to its AWD system that should provide greater assurance of traction and grip.

With a mid-rear configuration achieving proper weight balance, instantaneous electric torque, a featherlike weight of 1300kg (including batteries!), and a short wheelbase of 2500mm, this will surely become a corner-carving pocket rocket to bring to the track or the mountain twisties. We’re not sure how it’s achieved to be this light yet still possess an estimated 500 km range, which is more than enough for a drive around the city and to destinations out of town.

Another shocking revelation: prices start at just $42,000 USD, approximately PHP 2.47M. The cars are slated to come next year but prospective owners can already reserve a unit now for as little as $28 USD.

How is Xiaomi involved in the production of this CCC EV sports car? For starters, Liu De, the company’s SVP, is also one of the directors of the CCC. The tech giant has apparently invested a ridiculous amount of money for this EV project to even come to production, but we’re sure many interested buyers might just give Xiaomi a big, fat ROI.

We’re looking forward to its distribution in our country if it even makes it here. We’ll be sure to take a LOT of content if it does. For those who know some Chinese, the release video can be seen here. 





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