Walang Kausap? You Can Now Message Yourself On WhatsApp

Walang Kausap? You Can Now Message Yourself On WhatsApp

What To Expect Inside WhatsApp New Update

With new features being added as time goes on, WhatsApp now gains a “Message Yourself” feature. It’s perfect for those lonely individuals with no one to talk to… or just people who need to have something to use as a notepad when they’re on the go. After all, it’s always nice to have some assurance that you’ll remember those random thoughts throughout the day – and especially when it’s accessible via mobile and PC.

As expected, this feature was at first, part of a beta test then rolled out to everyone once proven useful. Users will begin finding their own contacts at the very top of the list when they make a new chat. This makes it accessible for quick note-taking and other important tasks. Users can also pin a certain message if it takes priority over the cluttered self-chat window. Obviously, this chat is only visible to yourself with the application’s usual cybersecurity processes keeping your self-conversations private.

Hopefully, they remove the feature to accidentally add other people to this specific thread.

It’s a feature that’s long been in conventional messaging platforms such as Messenger and Viber, so it was only a matter of time before WhatsApp gained a “Message Yourself” feature of its own. Considering the last addition, WhatsApp Communities, made the application bigger than ever, this revision puts it back into its roots.

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