White House to AI Companies: Be Responsible in Protecting Users

White House to AI Companies: Be Responsible in Protecting Users

Following the report that the “Godfather of AI” is worried about how AI can be abused, the White House has met with the heads of Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Antropic to discuss the impact of AI and how they should be “morally” responsible for protecting their users.

“Companies must comply with existing laws to protect the American people as well as ensure the safety and security of their products,” US Vice President Kamala Harris said in a statement after meeting with tech companies that have involvement with AI.

While AI has its own benefits, the problem with it right now is that there are no rules in regulating it, which prompts Silicon Valley to have the freedom to launch new products that utilize AI rapidly without properly analyzing its possible consequences. One case with when a bug was found within ChatGPT that allowed users to see other users’ conversation headers and titles, leading to a potential breach of privacy.

Aside from the meeting with Harris and tech companies, US President Joe Biden also urged Congress to pass laws to set strict limits to the tech sector–though there’s little progress to it given current political divisions in the US.

The push for the responsible use of AI is an uphill battle: Microsoft, for one, has been integrating the abilities of OpenAI’s abilities into its Bing search engine and expanded public access to its AI programs–despite the criticism it has received from the US government.

Currently, there’s a petition that has been put up on FutureOfLife to put a pause on AI development and rethink how to reduce the risks associated with it.

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