Here’s Why the GCash App Disappeared from the Play Store

Here’s Why the GCash App Disappeared from the Play Store

A lot of users panicked last night (January 31) when the GCash app disappeared from the Google Play Store. This prompted ill-wishers to spread fake news that users should pull out all of their money in GCash because the app allegedly ceased to exist.


  • GCash App Disappears From Play Store, Still Works In Philippines

GCash immediately informed its users not to believe the circulating rumors last night, adding that their app is working fine. To be fair with them, we checked other app stores, and GCash can still be downloaded on the Apple App store and other Android app stores like Huawei’s App Gallery, Xiaomi’s GetApps, vivo’s V-Appstore, and realme’s App Market.

So why did the GCash app disappeared from the Google Play Store? They issued an explanation for this on their Facebook page, and stated that GCash is “updating some features of the app for Android users and is closely working with Google to make it available on the Play Store again.”

In short, there is nothing to worry about, as GCash still works properly despite its disappearance from the Google Play Store. We’ve tried a few GCash transactions today (February 1) and we did not encounter any problems in the app. We also checked our GCash balance as well, and it’s not affected by the Play Store disappearance either.

This is not the first time that this happened, as there were previous incidents–not limited to GCash–where a developer would pull out their app temporarily from app stores like the Play Store to fix a few kinks and issues and put it back after a few days.

As to what updates GCash is currently working on, we expect them to give more details about it in the coming days.

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  • Carmelita Amandy , February 2, 2024

    Help me for okey my gcash service thank you

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