Manila Debuts WiFi Kiosk at Andres Bonifacio Monument

Manila Debuts WiFi Kiosk at Andres Bonifacio Monument

The kiosk can accommodate up to 100 users

As part of its efforts in modernizing Manila and providing internet access for everyone, Mayor Isko Moreno debuts the first ISKOnek WiFi Kiosk at Andres Bonifacio Monument.

Powered by Eastern Communications, the WiFi kiosk can cater to up to 100 users, giving them free internet access—up to 80mbps based on initial tests—for 30 minutes. Aside from being a WiFi hotspot. The ISKOnek kiosk comes with charging ports for users to charge their devices.

For security, the kiosk has CCTV cameras to monitor people within the area.

Inspired by WiFi phone booths in Manhattan, New York, the kiosk’s main goal is to provide a portal for people to do video calls, emails, and social networking.

Should the project be successful, Moreno plans to deploy at least 50 more kiosks in high-traffic areas such as hospitals and schools.

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