Your Face has a New Role with this New Tech

Your Face has a New Role with this New Tech

“Smile to Pay” anyone?

With technology rapidly evolving, we find new ways to make our lives more convenient. From wireless charging, online shopping, to AI technology powering smart homes, each new innovation has made our lives more streamlined, making us more productive.

The same can be said with purchasing goods, as things have gotten a lot easier with Alipay’s Smile to Pay system. Wait, you just need to flash your beautiful smile to verify your purchases? You heard that right!

No matter how strange it sounds, it is a foolproof method, as it relies on depth-sensing cameras and a special “likeness detection” algorithm to determine that it is you and not some copycat. How accurate is Alipay’s system, you ask? It can determine if a person is wearing a wig or thick makeup, and it only takes a second or two for it to verify someone’s face!

Check out the video below to give you a working idea of how it works:

Alipay’s “Smile to Pay” tech has debuted at KFC’s KPRO Restaurant in Hangzhou, China, and we would not be surprised if this will be used in more places. What do you think of this nifty tech? Comment down below!

Source: Engadget

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