YouTube Primetime Channels is An All-in-One Streaming Feature

YouTube Primetime Channels is An All-in-One Streaming Feature

While we’re getting different streaming services these days, YouTube wants to make things more streamlined and less divided with its Primetime Channels feature.

The idea for this new feature is simple: with your YouTube account, you can access some of your favorite streaming services without the need to open a new app. Basically, this makes YouTube your go-to platform for all of your streaming services in the future. “Once you sign up, content from your Primetime Channels will be reflected into the YouTube experience you know and love.”

Currently, supported streaming services include Showtime, Starz, Paramount Plus, and AMC Plus, and more. YouTube plans to have 34 different channels available—and will include the likes of NBA League Pass down the line.

With these supported streaming services, users will get video recommendations from Primetime Channels, and its homepage will also include extras like curated trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, and cast interviews.

The feature is rolling out initially in the US, and can be found in the Movies and Shows hub. “We’ll continue working with our partners to bring even more content options to Primetime Channels, build new unique features that only YouTube can deliver, and expand to our international users,” YouTube said in their statement.

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