Arena of Valor is Coming to the Philippines

Arena of Valor is Coming to the Philippines

A New Mobile MOBA Enters the Fray Soon!

When it comes to Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas or MOBA games, there are only three titles worth mentioning: Mobile Legends, Heroes Evolved, and Vainglory. Well, it looks like there’s another player looking to carve out a significant amount of your time because Garena is bringing Arena of Valor to the Philippines.

So, what sets this MOBA apart from the other three we mentioned above?

As far as gameplay is concerned, it’s going to be pretty much the same thing. Two teams of 5 players go up battle each other in lanes and the jungle with the ultimate goal of destroying the other team’s core but what we’re looking forward to here is the backing by Garena itself. Since the company has tons of experience handling one of the biggest MOBA’s in the world in the form of Riot Games’ League of Legends, we can definitely expect a ton of support for this mobile game plus a few tourney here and there as well.

Aside from that and from what we’ve seen thus far, the game looks hella good and YOU CAN PLAY AS BATMAN!? SOLD!

The MOBA has initially released in neighboring countries a couple of months ago, but it looks like the game is landing locally sometime this month. Pre-registration is already open for Arena of Valor, so if you’re looking to jump in as soon as the game is released you may want to sign up.


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