The Creator of Flappy Bird is Back with Ninjas!

The Creator of Flappy Bird is Back with Ninjas!

Flappy Bird was a runway hit back in the day! It was such a big hit that the creator himself, Dong Nguyen, got a tad overwhelmed with the response to his simple game, and decided to pull it off the market. This spawned a ton of clones initially and was eventually built in as an Easter egg of sorts on Android Lollipop. Well, it looks like Nguyen has been working on another project and it is, or even more, frustrating than Flappy Birds.

This is Ninja Spinki Challenges.

In Ninja Spinki Challenges, you must navigate your tiny ninja through a series of timed challenges where he or she has to dodge bouncing cats, rolling fruit, ninja dummies, cannons, and mines. The game looks like a ton of fun and extremely frustrating at the same time. We suggest you download the game on Google Play and the App Store, just in case he decides to pull it out of the market again.

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