iflix vs Netflix: Who truly rules Streaming in the PH?

iflix vs Netflix: Who truly rules Streaming in the PH?

More Data on Who Leads the Race on Streaming Services

A few weeks ago, we released an article called, “Netflix is the King of Streaming in the PH”. While the data in chart shown in the article may be true, it seems the sample size may have been too small to declare a conclusive winner. The data you see in the chart below seems to have come from an article by AIP Global, which discloses the survey details on the bottom of the page and sites 501 participants in the survey; which doesn’t even come close to our entire population.

iflix reached out to us after seeing the article in question and have provided numbers of their own to make their case for the battle of streaming services in the country; numbers that have been collected over the course of 6 months from August 2016 to January 2017.

Here we go!

While the folks at iflix certainly conceeds a few points to their competetor, the data shows that it isn’t a lopsided fight with iflix holding their own in the country and we’re guessing the region as well. Personally, I am subscribed to both services and each provides its own strengths in its services.

So, who truly is the king of streaming services in the Philippines? iflix or Netflix? We’ll have to hold out on crowning a victor until we see similar data from Netflix and compare them side-by-side. We’ll leave you to be the judge for now.


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