Bibe – A Guide To The Viral Duck Hair Clip

Bibe – A Guide To The Viral Duck Hair Clip

One of the more interesting (and cute) trends that came about during the Chinese New Year arrived in the form of a “Bibe” (duck) hair clip. There were two other variants that came along with it – a sprout hair clip, and a pinwheel one, however, the Bibe proved to be the most popular. While it’s undeniable how cute these are, we can’t help but ask – where do they come from and how did they start?

bibe duck hair clip
A Bibe seller. Photo by Baguio City Public Information Office


The roots of the Bibe – the duck hair clip originated from way back in 2016 on the cosplay community according to Chairein, a Baguio-based gaming and cosplay enthusiast. According to her Miyu of Fairietrade brought mushroom and sprout hair clips to one of the cosplay events, which became a big hit. Chairein and Harumyan of Cauldron and Stuff then started selling the duck variants the following year, and in 2018 Baguio Cosplay Costume Shop started selling the pinwheels. The Bibe experienced its breakthrough during the 2023 Enchanted Christmas at Rose Garden when the Baguio Cosplay and Novelty shop set up a physical store and sold it to the public. This seems to be where the trend started.

Christmas In Baguio

During Christmas TikTok user Cabalen Foodie has vlogged about how popular the trend was in a 1-minute video, initially mistaking them for sisiw (chicks) and emphasizing how they’re literally everywhere while showing clips of Baguio locals wearing the Bibe and numerous shops selling it. She eventually ended up getting into the trend as well, donning not just one but three of them on her hair.

Cabalen Foodie ended up with three of them. Video Screencap from Cabalen Foodie

Chinese New Year And The Present

The Bibe’s more recent uptick in popularity was documented by Engr. Berto, who published a 3-minute video of various people wearing, and shops selling them during the Chinese New Year. Its short description asking if everyone already has one reflects how the trend has spread from the north and into the capital in such a short time, and is likely here to stay popular for maybe another holiday or two. Personally, it’s just nice to see people being open to, and supportive of the idea of wearing interesting stuff on their heads without fear of ridicule or judgment.

How To Get One

The Bibe is sold for around Php 50 in most physical stores, though you can also get them for a bit cheaper from online sellers like this one.

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