KPop Girl Groups You Should Listen to (2024)

KPop Girl Groups You Should Listen to (2024)

Twice has released its latest single I Got You as proof that the Girl Group is one of the biggest KPop acts globally. Along with the likes of Blackpink, KPop girl groups are dominating globally–just like how BTS has made KPop boy groups dominate the global scene.

There are tons of KPop girl groups out there, and being an avid listener here are 10 of my top picks if you want to broaden your choices for KPop Music in 2024:

KPop Girl Groups You Should Listen to (2024)

  • G-IDLE
  • Itzy
  • StayC
  • Aespa
  • NewJeans
  • Le Sserafim
  • Ive
  • Kiss of Life
  • Billie



As one of the first fourth-generation KPop groups, G-IDLE stands out by the fact that practically of of their works–down to their music video concepts–are self-produced. They are a rare type of KPop group that can brag about having a long discography that’s written by at least 3 members (Soyeon, Yuqi, and Minnie). They also defy most KPop standards, with their songs being generally unapologetic–listen to tracks like Queencard, Nxde, and Tomboy, and you’ll get what we mean.



This group needs no introduction, as you most likely see them often in our reviews. They are one of the team’s favorite KPop groups: aside from visuals, they have killer dance moves and the vocals to match. Wannabe and Dalla Dalla are their most iconic song to date, and the group is still making waves globally despite lacking one member (Lia, who is on hiatus) in the meantime. Not to mention, Itzy is coming back to the Philippines later this year for their Born to Be World Tour.



If their concept looks similar to Twice’s early work, it is because Black Eyed Pilesung are the producers behind Twice’s early hits like Like Ooh-Ahh, Cheer Up, and Likey. Some of StayC’s popular tracks include Teddy Bear, Bubble, and ASAP–all of them giving that youthful bubblegum pop vibe that Twice was known for in their early years. Their group name is short for Star to a Young Culture–and they sure embody that in their music videos.



Being SM Entertainment’s first KPop Girl Group since Red Velvet, most of Aespa’s songs have a strong EDM vibe and very Spicy concepts that Blackpink fans will like. They have roughly the same level of fame as Blackpink (don’t hate me on this) as they are the second KPop girl group to perform at Coachella last year. Despite their heavy, EDM-filled tracks, they have a few mellow ones like Better Things and Dreams Come True–which are sleeper hits.



They are probably the most-talked-about KPop group right now, and they are not Super Shy about it. Pun aside, NewJeans brought back the whole 90s aesthetic that people are raving about, making things like bag charms, retro graphics and typography, and digicams popular again. Outside of their 90s vibe, they’re dominating with multiple brand endorsements ranging from Coke, Nike, Levi’s, to a partnership with Wild Rift. Not to mention, NewJeans is the only KPop group so far that Apple endorses–and they even have a music video shot entirely on an iPhone 14 Pro.



Le Sserafim

IZ*ONE fans are most likely fans of Le Sserafim with two of its members (Sakura and Chaewon) being part of the former project girl group. Sakura and Yunjin are familiar to a number of people: Yunjin used to be part of Produce48, while Sakura traces down her roots to Japan’s AKB48. Le Sserafim’s profile is a very interesting mix, with Kazuha being an actual ballerina who decided to pursue KPop as a career. They’re set to perform at Coachella this year–and I think it will be a Perfect Night. 



Like Le Sserafim, IZ*ONE fans are most likely fans of Ive because Yujin, Gaeul, and Wonyoung are former members. Wonyoung is a name you probably hear a lot in the KPop scene, as she is positioned as this generation’s It girl (short to say, being as influential as Blackpink’s Jennie to an extent). They’re making waves with Baddie being a very catchy song, and their collab with Saweetie gave a new vibe to All Night. Filipino fans should be excited, as Ive will be returning to the Philippines later this year for their second concert in the country.



The youngest of the JYP Entertainment girl groups (they are with the same agency as Itzy and Twice) has a rather unique mixx pop approach that fuses multiple genres into one song. You’ll either love it or hate but I have to admit that their recent songs Dash, Soñar (Breaker), and Run for Roses show that the whole mixx pop approach is paying off. If you love both Itzy and Twice and want a different kind of flavor, you should give NMIXX a listen.


Kiss of Life

As one of the newest KPop girl groups in our list, Kiss of Life has two prominent members: Natty, who nearly debuted with Twice, and Julie, who used to be a trainee under YG Entertainment’s The Black Label–yes, the agency best known for Blackpink. Unlike most KPop girl groups, Kiss of Life is more on the R&B genre, making it a refreshing listen amidst a sea of KPop tracks that are either bubblegum pop or EDM-heavy tracks.



Yes, there’s a KPop group that you’d probably mistake for Billie Eilish if you miss the extra L: this group’s claim to fame is with Tsuki’s fancam, which has over 13 million views as of this writing–an insane figure considering that it’s just a fancam. Their song GingaMingaYo has made them popular around the world, and their quirky vibe is one of the reasons why they are one of those underrated Kpop girl groups that have the talent to boot.

That rounds up my recommended KPop girl groups that you should listen to this 2024 if you want something different from the likes of Twice and Blackpink. Are there other groups that deserve to be on this list? Share them in the comments section!

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