PayPal Makes Freelancers’ Lives Easier with Two Tech Innovations and a Freelancer Program

PayPal Makes Freelancers’ Lives Easier with Two Tech Innovations and a Freelancer Program

Making the lives of busy freelancers more convenient and secure


In this day and age, more people are opting to go the freelance route. In the Philippines alone, there are around 1.5 million freelancers, and these freelancers earn money through various online jobs—be it web development, graphic design, or writing.

With the rise of online businesses, trust is crucial to clients, especially when money is involved. Payment services like PayPal are there to help Filipino freelancers and MSMEs in their businesses through providing secure payment channels. Aside from PayPal’s network of 210 million active users across 200 markets, they still find ways to improve the businesses of freelancers and MSMEs. “PayPal is expanding beyond offering payment solutions to provide community engagement and business amplification opportunities for our freelancer customers,” PayPal Asia Pacific Vice President of Marketing Leanne Sheraton said.

With that in mind, PayPal launched on August 24 two tech innovations and a community program: These are PayPal.Me , the PayPal Business App, and PayPal Freelancer Community programPayPal.Me provides freelancers a unique link that they can send to their clients with any social media platform, making online payments a breeze. PayPal’s Business App, on the other hand, helps businesses in managing their transactions—all within one’s smartphone. Both apps are perfect for the freelancer who manages several gigs and is always on the go.

PayPal.Me landing page

As for PayPal’s Freelancer Community program, PayPal has tapped the country’s top freelancers to help fellow freelancers to grow their businesses—from upgrading skills to client management. Those who want to join the program can like and follow PayPal Philippines’ Facebook page for updates, and join PayPal Summits and Freelancer Learning Workshops.

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