LFTRB: Uber Lied

LFTRB: Uber Lied

The divide grows between the LTFRB and Uber

The Land Transportation, Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) isn’t mincing words when they said that Uber lied to senators about the insurance coverage of their passengers during the recent Senate hearing to discuss the future of TNVs.

Speaking about Uber’s supposed 100% insurance coverage for its passengers, LTFRB board member Aileen Lizada said that Uber passengers are not fully covered by insurance if something untoward happens to them.

“The LTFRB notes that the statement given by (Uber Philippines public policy head) Yves Gonzalez during the Senate hearing is not true. For us, Uber lied,” said Lizada, referring to Gonzalez’ earlier statements that Uber passengers have 100% insurance coverage.

Lizada also says that Uber lied about who their current insurer is, noting that Passenger Accident Management and Insurance Agency Inc. has stopped covering them since August of last year. 

Instead, Uber’s current insurer is UCPB General Auto Passenger Accident Insurance. According to Lizada, Uber allegedly has availed itself of a package that has “very limited coverage” for passengers.

Lizada noted that unlike the insurance coverage of other public utility vehicles, Uber’s does not have a no-fault indemnity clause as well as an all-risk package.

“This is what we’re after–the safety of the riding public. We hope that the public would understand this,” Lizada said.


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