DICT Releases Statement on Mislatel’s Franchise Validity

by Duey Guison  January 27, 2019

After the Senate called out Mindanao Islamic Telecom (Mislatel) for violating several provisions, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) issued a statement on the ongoing hearing of the third telco.

In the statement, DICT said that they trust the Congress on deciding whether it will consider the validity of Mislatel’s franchise, in spite of the issues that came about during the hearing last January 24.

“The Department is ready to accept the decision of the Congress on the issue of the NMP and act accordingly to make sure that the Filipinos gets a third player that it deserves, may it be Mislatel or another,” DICT’s statement said.

While the Senate hearing is ongoing, DICT will allow Mislatel to continue completing its post-qualification requirements, and that the department remains optimistic in its promise of a third telco to the public.


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    Well it looks somebody is back on track to getting reimbursed and then some for that campaign fund.