Best Budget Phones in the Philippines (2024)

Best Budget Phones in the Philippines (2024)

While it’s no secret that the average price of phones have become more expensive globally, there are still great, value-for-money ones being offered at under Php 10k. The said price segment remains to be for budget phones, so we explored the best options you have in the Philippines in 2024.

In choosing our top 5, we considered factors like processor, cameras, storage, battery life, and software updates in determining which budget phones are worth considering. Check out our picks here.

Best Budget in the Philippines (2024)


realme C67

The C67 is the first C series phone from realme that we recommend if your budget is under Php 10k. What makes it stand out from other C series models is that it uses a significantly better processor with the Snapdragon 685. It also gets stereo speakers and a well-tuned 108-megapixel main camera that takes great snaps even at 3x digital zoom. The C67 is also the only budget phone in the list with a decent software commitment of 2 major updates and 3 years of security updates. 

The 8GB/256GB variant is being offered at Php 9,899 as of writing this list, making the C67 a great deal for a budget realme phone.


itel RS4

itel’s first foray into budget gaming phones is just as influential as last year’s S23+. Aside from an excellent processor of choice with the Helio G99, the RS4 remains to be the only phone priced at under Php 10k that offers 12GB of actual RAM. Pair that with 256GB of storage, and the RS4 is a very unique budget phone for 2024 if you’re after specs. Outside of that gamer aesthetic, itel also packed 45w charging to the RS4, which is one of the fastest charging speeds at an under Php 10k price point.

The 12GB/256GB is priced at Php 7,499, making the RS4 a specs beast–as long as you don’t mind its use of a HD+ 120hz display.


Infinix ZERO 30 4G

While Infinix is busy with the NOTE 40 series, we still think that the ZERO 30 4G is a great deal overall for under Php 10k. Aside from that posh-looking vegan leather back option, the ZERO 30 4G is the most affordable phone to give you a 120hz curved AMOLED display and a 50-megapixel selfie camera that’s good enough for vlogging. A Helio G99 powers it, making it a decent budget phone, and its 108-megapixel main camera is good enough for blogging and budget content creation.

The ZERO 30 4G is priced at Php 9,999, and is one of the best deals Infinix has to offer in 2024.


If you’re after long battery life with a decent set of specs, the X7b is a solid pick. Its 6000mAh battery lasted us close to 19 hours with PCMark’s battery benchmark test, making it one of the best battery life on a phone for 2024 based on our tests. A 35w wired charging solution takes care of topping up that huge battery, so you need not worry about sluggish charging speeds. The X7b is a balanced device overall: Snapdragon 680, 90hz Full HD+ display, stereo speakers and a 108-megapixel main camera.

With a current price of Php 8,699, the X7b is your best option if you’re after a balanced budget phone that scores big in battery life.


Cherry Aqua S11 Pro

One of the biggest stories in 2024 was Cherry announcing new phones after a 2-year hiatus, and they mean serious business with the Aqua S11 Pro. It does go head-to-head with the RS4 with its use of a Helio G99 processor. While it has less RAM at 8GB, Cherry makes up for it with a bigger 120hz Full HD+ display and a more subtle look. The Aqua S11 Pro also has the least amount of bloatware for a budget phone in this list, making Cherry’s comeback all the more exciting.

The Aqua S11 Pro is priced at Php 7,999, and Cherry bundles some nifty freebies with it.


That sums up our picks for the best budget phones in the Philippines for 2024. Are there other models we missed out on? Let us know in the comments section.

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