GUIDE: How To Make Your Own LTO Improvised Plates

GUIDE: How To Make Your Own LTO Improvised Plates

A month or so ago, the Philippine motoring world was shocked then the Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that it would allow road users to make improvised plates due to a shortage. Since then, there’s been a lot of back-and-forths on the matter which definitely has left people quite confused. Thankfully, the agency has posted an update to its social media page finally clarifying the whole situation. We’ll summarize it all for you.

According to this introduction, these improvised plates may only be allowed by the LTO if the owner’s original plate was either lost or mutilated. The owner should have a pending application for a replacement before the agency can authorize the use of improvised options. The colors, meanwhile, remain standard as before.

Newly Registered Vehicles

For New Registrations, this is what the plate should look like. The main difference is the existence of the Assigned Plate in the LTO’s system. With one, it’s easier to indicate that this is just a TEMPORARY PLATE until the actual one comes in. For indefinite cases such as not having an Assigned Plate, at least you can display that the motor vehicle is registered with the MV FILE NUMBER easily legible.

Previously Registered without Assigned Plate

If the vehicle’s already been previously registered but still no assigned plate has been allotted to this day, then this is what it looks like. We can surmise that a lot of you who’ve been waiting years for your plate to arrive fall under this category. As expected, “TEMPORARY PLATE” is there. Although for some reason, it says “REBUILT.” Why? We’re not exactly sure.

Electronically-Assisted Vehicles

For our environmentally-conscious motorists, this is what a TEMPORARY PLATE should look like. It’s a mild flex right there, even. But since these cars essentially aren’t bound by rules of coding, do officers even bother taking a second look?

Vintage Vehicles

Ah, yes. The cultured motorists out there who love embracing vintage automobilia have these kinds of temporary plates. It’s more or less the same as the others, although you’re mandated to print out the vehicle’s model year alongside the word “VINTAGE” on the bottom right. Clean, classic, and undoubtedly a flex.

Lost/Mutilated Plates

Lastly, those who need to make LTO authorized Improvised Plates due to lost or mutilated originals can just make these. However, once again, people must remember that the requirements for authorization include the procurement of new ones.


Here are the same scenarios but for our two-wheeled motorcycle friends this time.

Still confused about the LTO rulings for Improvised Plates? You can contact them at [email protected] or directly call their telephone number 827-31504 or mobile number 0995-7266837.

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