EXCLUSIVE: realme Note 50 to Get 2 Major Android Updates

EXCLUSIVE: realme Note 50 to Get 2 Major Android Updates

The Note 50 is a very interesting debut offering from realme this 2024: aside from its affordable entry price of Php 3,599, the Note 50 is a compelling offering at that price point. It has a nice design, great battery life, and a UI that’s smooth and does not lag like crazy.


We have answered most questions about the Note 50, and we’re surprised that no one dared to ask about realme’s software update commitments for its most affordable phone. We asked about this with the realme team on the sides during the Kamustahan event for the C67, and we have good news: yes, realme commits to 2 major Android updates and 3 years of security updates for the Note 50.  

With the Note 50 having Android 13 out of the box, this means that realme will update it up to Android 15, along with providing 3 years of security updates that includes “minor software updates”. This is a big deal, since budget phones usually fall behind when it comes to software updates. While some budget phones would get one major update or several security updates, a number of them don’t get any updates at all.

With Samsung setting the benchmark by committing to as much as 4 major Android updates on the majority of its Galaxy A-series phones, realme is the first brand that is committed to give good software support even to its most affordable offerings. In fact, we got a minor software update on the Note 50 during the time we were reviewing it, which is proof that realme is serious when it comes to giving proper support across all of its devices.

Providing better software support is a trend that we love to see in 2024, and realme is in the right direction with its commitment to give a decent software upgrade commitment even to its most affordable devices.

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