GrabCar Saver Lets You Save as Much as 15% on Grab Rides

GrabCar Saver Lets You Save as Much as 15% on Grab Rides

While the peak season for ride-hailing services is over, Grab wants its users to get better value for money with GrabCar Saver. The new service aims to let you save as much as 15% compared to regular–as long as your willing to wait a little longer.


-Here’s How Grab is Addressing the Anticipated Holiday Demand

The service, which is available in Metro Manila and Pampanga, benefits both passengers and drivers: while passengers can get better savings, drivers will be able to have more consistent bookings. 

Other perks of of this new GrabCar option for drivers is that their cancellation rate will not be affected, giving them more freedom to accept or decline bookings.

To access it, you open the Grab app, select Car, pin your pickup and drop-off points, and select GrabCar Saver.

For comparison, GrabCar Saver costs Php 33 less than regular GrabCar when we booked for our usual route from home to office. That translates to around 10% in savings, which is not bad. However, GrabShare is still more affordable at Php 238, though there’s a catch: if you don’t get matched within 10 minutes, you will pay Php 314 instead.

Overall, GrabCar Saver is a good alternative if you are not in a rush to go to your destination and you prioritize savings.

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