HONOR Tab V7 Pro Tipped to Use MediaTek Dimensity 1300T Processor

by Duey Guison  July 25, 2021

While it has been a while since we saw chip manufacturers debut a processor intended solely for tablets, MediaTek and HONOR are reportedly collaborating on a high-end processor that will power premium tablets.

According to reports, the tablet involved will be the HONOR Tab V7 Pro, which was teased in a 10-second video highlighting a leather-like back, metal blue frame, and a camera module design similar to the HONOR 50 series. The said tablet will be powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 1300T, and the naming convention implies that it will be exclusive to tablets.

The Dimensity 1300T is said to be announced on July 26 by MediaTek, with HONOR having a six-month exclusivity on the processor. Described to be a beefier version of the Dimensity 1200, the Dimensity 1300T is a 6nm-based processor that utilizes Cortex-A78 cores. There are no details yet on the CPU core count, but the Dimensity 1300T will have a 9-core GPU–which might possibly be a Mali-G77 MC9 GPU–and a new 6-core APU on board.

According to reports, the Dimensity 1300T is said to have 30% better CPU performance, 40% better GPU performance, and up to 82% better AI performance compared to the Dimensity 1200. In fact, it is mentioned that the Dimensity 1300T might be on par with the Snapdragon 865 and 870.

MediaTek is expected to talk more about the Dimensity 1300T (and possibly other new chips like a Dimensity 1100U) on July 26, so it is just a matter of hours (as of writing this article) before we get to know the semiconductor brand’s new offerings.


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