Is the Nothing Phone (1) the New OnePlus We Are All Waiting For?

Is the Nothing Phone (1) the New OnePlus We Are All Waiting For?

Almost a year after debuting its first product with the Ear (1) and its unique transparent design, Nothing is pushing the same design language to its next product, which is confirmed to be the Nothing Phone (1). Considering that founder Carl Pei was involved in building the OnePlus brand, the Nothing Phone (1) does not aim to compete with other Android brands. Instead, Pei aims to position Nothing as a rival to Apple in terms of the ecosystem and as “the most compelling alternative.”

Pei remains vague about the upcoming phone but disclosed that it will use a Snapdragon processor, have three guaranteed Android updates and 4 years of security updates, and use their own overlay called Nothing OS. The said OS claims to have the best features of Android while keeping just the essentials. Screenshots of Nothing OS reveal a completely minimalist look that uses the brand’s dot matrix font for the majority of the widgets and texts in the home screen.

Judging from the screenshots of Nothing OS, along with Pei’s description of the Phone (1), it seems that Nothing aims to continue the main objective of OnePlus, which has since then been absorbed by OPPO. It remains to be seen how Nothing will position itself as a rival against Apple.

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